Sunday, 28 April 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Ciara!

Today is my gorgeous staffy girl's 8th birthday! And what a happy day she is having....a right royal sleep-in, a yummy treat then banana and yogurt for breakfast, followed by another nap - in the sun, of course, sprawled out as only staffies do!  Dexter, oblivious to the fact his sister just wants to enjoy her day relaxing, keeps prompting her to play.  A squeaky toy in the ear, on the head, on her back, and if that doesn't work - a nip of the heels or mounting her (which invariably ALWAYS gets a reaction! lol)  He forgets while he is still a "baby", Ciara is 6 years older than him, and merely enjoys relaxing these days....though she still enjoys a good game of tug and running around. Dexter keeps her young.
We adopted Ciara 5 years ago after the passing of our first and beloved girl, Sheba.  She was a gorgeous girl - a staffy cross red heeler (cattle dog) - but she was most definitely "daddy's girl".  We had her 10 years, though her age was thought to be roughly around 16 years when she left us.  Ciara was a spritely 3 year old when we adopted her, with boundless amounts of energy as all young staffies do.  She earned the title of the "Lady Princess Ciara" very early on due to her desire to be treated as royalty - ie. one spoilt pup!  lol   And she was!  Wonderful therapy for our grief over losing Sheba, and constantly keeping us in stitches, and always happy for snuggles.  She has always been a snuggly girl right from the moment I brought her home, and I love nothing more than getting lots of snuggles from her.
Happy birthday, Ciara!
 This is Sophie (red hat) and Dexter (blue hat) with Ciara (pink hat) having a staffy birthday party for Ciara! 
And check out these delicious choc-chip (carob of course) carrot cupcakes I made for Ciara's birthday.  Fresh out of the oven!  Yummmmm.....

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bee My Honey Tutorial by Julie

(click image for tutorial)

Julie, from our CT, as written this very cute and delightful tutorial featuring my gorgeous "Honey to the Bee" kit, which can be purchased in any of my stores!! Thank you, Julie!

Chocolate Kisses Tag by Amy

This delightful tag was made by Amy featuring my "Chocolate Kisses" kit, which can be purchased in Twilight Scraps or Scrap Wishes. Thank you Amy.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

True Love is Forever Tag by Helma

Helma surprised me with a tag this morning from my "True Love is Forever" freebie, which is available on my blog for download.  Thank you so much Helma!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Cysterhood Awareness Tutorial by Kelly

(click image for tutorial)
Kelly has recently returned to our CT after some time away and has jumped right in, writing this awesome tutorial for a special cause featuring my kit "Cysterhood of Hope" - a special kit raising the awareness of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) - and is available in Tagger size from any of my stores!  Thank you so much Kelly!

Orange Blossom Tag by Catherine

Catherine, from our CT, has created this darling tag featuring my kit "Orange Blossom", which is available in Tagger size from any of my stores.  Thank you Catherine.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Weeked Deals @ Wilma4Ever!

It's Weekend Deals time @ Wilma4ever!
This weekend I have 5 beautiful products for you - available ALL WEEKEND for $1!!
(click previews to go to products in store!)


Mama's Little Cook Tutorial by Lyn

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn has been super-speedy, requesting this kit only a few hours ago and now producing this delightful tutorial featuring one of my latest kits "Mama's Little Cook"! Thank you Lyn - it's so delightful!

Mama's Little Cook Tags by Dawdy

Dawdy, from our CT, has created these two darling tags featuring one of my latest kits "Mama's Little Cook".  Thank you so much Dawdy! They are simply delightful!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Help for a Designer!!

A fellow digital scrapbooking designer is in desperate need of our help and we would like to show her how we all can band together to help one another in our times of need. Please help us by spreading the word about this kit. Please consider contributing to it or purchasing it to help her to care for her family member who desperately needs major surgery in a city many miles from home. They need help to defray the cost of hotels and expenses while this family member is in the hospital.
If you're a Designer and would like to contribute, please visit:
And join us on Yahoo:
Please help us band together to help this Designer and family member at this special time.  You can enter your info in the Database in Yahoo, and due date for this collab is 30th April, however if you need longer please don't hesitate to ask.

For all enquiries, contact

Angel of Music Tag by Helma

Helma created this gorgeous tag featuring my "Angel of Music" (one of two of my Phantom of the Opera themed kits). It's an innovative design, and quite delightful! Thank you Helma.
You can purchase "Angel of Music" at any of my stores, either on its own or in a Bundle with "Music of the Night".

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cute Spring Tag by Helma

Helma has created yet another tag for me featuring my "Cute Spring" freebie, which is part of the Wilma4Ever blog train.  Thank you, Helma, it is delightful!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lilies of the Valley Tag by Helma

Helma has created this darling tag featuring an old freebie of mine, yet  one of my favourites - "Lilies of the Valley".  It is also part of my Floral Collection which you can find in stores!  Thank you again, Helma.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The W4E "Cute Spring" Blog Train is Here!

We are all in different time zones, so if someone doesn't have their part up yet, please check back later. And above all - enjoy the train!!
To download my part, click the preview
Password: buyadonkey

** Stina ** YOU ARE HERE!!

Berry Sweet Love Tutorial by Claudia

(click image for tutorial)

Claudia, from our CT, has written this delightfully sweet tutorial featuring one of my newest kits "Berry Sweet Love". Mmmmmm.....delish!  Thank you Claudia!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

*NEW* Honey to the Bee

I made this kit some 6 weeks ago and it's been sitting in my files waiting to be added to stores! lol  I hope you enjoy it!
Spring is in the air and with it come this fun-filled springy delight perfect for any occasion! Bunnies, bees and honey, and everything BEEEE-AUTIFUL for all your scrapping and tagging needs! A MUST for your collection, this kit is a pure delight!
68 Elements
14 Papers
Available in FULL SIZE and TAGGER
Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW!

At the Bistro Tutorial by Carol

(click image for tutorial)

Carol, from our CT, has written this delightfully innovative tutorial featuring my kit "Mama's Little Cook".  I love it! Thank you so much, Carol!

Falling for You Tag by Helma

Helma, from our CT, has created this lovely tag featuring one of my freebie samplers for my "Falling for You" kit.  Thank you, Helma!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Love Me Tender Tag by Helma

Helma is our newest member to our CT, and this is a tag she made me using my "Love Me Tender" freebie kit.  Thank you Helma, it is lovely!!

Monday, 8 April 2013

*NEW* Berry Sweet Love

Deliciously decadent and oh so sweet - this kit is sure to be a treat for lovers of chocolate, and of love!
89 Elements
12 Papers
Available in Full Size and Tagger
Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW

A Summer Garden Tags by Dawdy

Dawdy, from our CT, has created these two gorgeous tags, with two totally different results, featuring my "A Summer Garden" kit.  Thank you Dawdy!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pink Gingerbread Tag Set by Kerrin

Kerrin, from our CT, has created this gorgeous tag set and Facebook cover featuring my "Pink Gingerbread" kit - a Christmas kit, no less! Proof that a Christmas kit can be used out of season! lol  Thank you Kerrin. Gorgeous, as always!

One Perfect Day Tutorial by Claudia

(click image for tutorial)

Claudia, our newest CT member, wrote this delightful tutorial featuring "One Perfect Day" - a gorgeous wedding kit.  Thank you, Claudia!

Hope Tutorial by Lyn

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn, from our CT, has written this delightfully cute tutorial featuring my "Pink Gingerbread" kit - a Christmas kit, no less!  Thank you, Lyn.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

*NEW* Crazy Train

This kit is totally crazy and insane as we hop on board the Crazy Train bound for the Asylum. And there's no going back once you get inside, so be careful you don't get caught on the wrong track!
(repackaged with twice as many elements for all your crazy needs!!)
65 Elements
6 Papers
Available in TAGGER SIZE only
Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW!

*NEW* Mama's Little Cook

This cute little kit is a delight and a must for those who tend to have little helpers in the kitchen.
60 Elements
8 Papers
Available in TAGGER and FULL SIZE
Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's Crazy Wednesday (and Thursday too) @ Scrap Wishes!

(click ad to go to my store)
It's Crazy Wednesday @ Scrap Wishes!
All products are just €1.50 for TWO DAYS ONLY!!
Yes, that's right - all products. But for Wednesday and Thursday ONLY!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Presenting..."Honey to the Bee" with the Brat Pack!

The Brat Pack Blog Train
Spring is in the air and this month the Brat Pack brings you the sweet sensation of honey and bees. What has proved to be a popular theme, is bound to be an awesome train!!  And we hope you enjoy everything that we have in store for you this month.
Please, don't forget to take a moment to leave a word of thanks with each Designer you download from, as it means so much to us to have our work and generosity appreciated. A few kind words in the time it takes to download our parts is all it takes. *g*
My part is a delightful Word Art collection in TAGGER SIZE, with a bonus tag, frame and papers!  I thoroughly enjoyed making them and I hope you enjoy them also.
To download
Password: buyadonkey
Now, onto the train....

Stina ::Staffy Scraps: designs by stina:: YOU ARE HERE!!

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps

Amy: Gimptastic Scraps

Becky: Becky's Creations

Bratti: Brattitude Scraps

Brenda: Ditz Bitz

Carolyn: Carolyn's Scrap Creations

Carrie: Skinnis Stats and Scraps

Dilcia: Disyas Digitals Designs

Elisa: Digital Designs by Elisa

Janet: Eye Opening Designs

Jodhi: Miggins does scrapsville

Lins: Lins Creations

Miriam: Ellanoir

Paula: CraftyPoly

Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps

Sarah: English Rose Designs

Tammy: TLP Designz