Saturday, 30 October 2010

Peek a Boo By Rose

(click image for tutorial)

Rose from Aussie Scraps has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Peek-a-Boo!" kit. It is so gorgeous it looks like a bunch of tricker or treaters! Thank you Rose!

Love of Autumn by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie wrote this very cute tutorial featuring my "Autumn's Song" kit. Thanks so much Amy!

Give Thanks QP By Lori

Lori made this Tagger QuickPage using my "Give Thanks" kit as well. Thanks so much Lori.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

New PTU Kit Beyond Blue


Depression is a silent and debilitating illness affecting almost 50% of the world's population. Many do not seek treatment. Depression and anxiety can appear differently at different stages of the life cycle.

This kit is special to me in the sense it is something from which I suffer and battle with on a daily basis, and I have tried to incorporate some positive aspects into it which help bring me hope (ie. my dog, as featured).

The name I chose derives from an organisation here in Australia of the same name. It gives a promise of hope that there is life beyond depression. The colours are blue for the title and green for depression awareness.

Some interesting statistics:
* Depression and anxiety often have their onset in the teenage years.
* From puberty onward, women are twice as more likely to experience depression than men...
* Around one in six Australian men suffer from depression at any given time...
* Depression and anxiety may occur for the first time in later-life, especially in association with certain types of physical illness such as heart disease or stroke...

Visit for more information.

18 Papers
117 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!!

Give Thanks by Lori

(click image for tutorial)

Lori, from our CT, has written this delightful tutorial featuring my kit "Give Thanks" which is one from last year. Thanks so much, Lori!

Friends of Fall by Sandee

(click image for tutorial)

Sandee has written a second tutorial featuring my "Fall-Ever Friends" kit which is just totally gorgeous and simply delightful! Thanks so much Sandee! I love them both.

Fall-Ever Friends by Sandee

(click image for tutorial)

Sandee, from our CT, has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Fall-Ever Friends" kit. Thanks so much Sandee - it is gorgeous!!

Some BOO-ful Tags from Tina

Tina has created some gorgeously BOO-ful taggies using a couple of my Halloween kits. The first one using "Peek-a-Boo!" and the one below is using "Boo-ful Spooks". Thanks so much Tina!!

Happy Autumn Friends by Crystal

(click image for tutorial)

Crystal, from our CT, has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Fall-Ever Friends" kit. Thanks so much Crystal!

Twilight Love by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie, from our CT, has written yet another tutorial with my "Twilight Before Christmas" kit...she says it has been inspiring. Thank you so much Amy - I'm glad you like it so much.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bella and Edward's Christmas by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie, from our CT, has written another wonderful tutorial featuring my "Twilight Before Christmas" kit. Thank you Amy! I love it!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

A Twilight Christmas by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie of our CT wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my "Twilight Before Christmas" kit. Thank you Amy Marie.

Beauty by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie wrote this tutorial featuring my "Fall-Ever Friends" kit made for the Fall-Ever Friends Collab for Susan during September. The collab is still available as a whole or the kit by itself. Thank you Amy Marie.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Popping in from Mildura plus a New Kit!

Well, here I am on holiday in Mildura visiting my good friend Susan of Tootypup Scraps, and we are having a ball of a time! With the exception of the Laryngitis I came down with and nagging cough...but that is clearing up and weather is also, so things are looking brighter. lol Ra is enjoying her time here too and proving to be wonderful therapy for Susan, after the loss of both her partner and then her beloved pup Tooty. And as the weather hasn't been the greatest so I've been working on a new kit which I have just added to stores....hope you enjoy it.


Listen to the gentle whisper of autumn's song as the birds, butterflies and other animals coming out to play, dancing among the mushrooms and sunflowers. Autumn is also a time of change and as nature readies herself for winter so the autumn song goes....

24 Papers
77 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Cuddles and Kisses by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie, from our CT, has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring the very special kit I made for Susan of Tootypup Scraps after the passing her partner, called "You've Got a Friend".

Donate Life by Cari

(click image for tutorial)

Cari, from our CT, wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my "Donate Life" kit, raising awareness for organ donorship. Thank you so much Cari.

Love Shouldn't Hurt by Kylara

(click image for tutorial)

Kylara, from our CT<>"I'm a Survivor" kit - one of my first kits.

Autumn Life by Shal

(click image for tutorial)

Shal, from Scrappin Warehouse, wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my "Forever Autumn" kit. Thank you so much Shal.

Twilight Layouts by Mimi's Creations

Cynthia of Mimi's Creations has created these two gorgeous layouts from my "Eclipse of the Heart" and "New Moon" freebie kits. Thank you so much Cynthia, they are gorgeous!

You can download the blank version of the layouts from her blog here

Boo to You by Christy

(click imagefor tutorial)

Christy (aka Christmaslover) from Aussie Scraps has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Peek-a-Boo!" kit. Thank you Christy!

Dark Autumn Layouts by Tanya

Tanya, from Twilight Scraps, created these gorgeous layouts using my "Dark Autumn" kit. Thanks so much Tanya!!

A Tag and a Tut by Babs

Babs from TKO Scraps created this darling animated tag featuring my "Nightmare on Hallow's Eve" kit, which she had intended on writing a tutorial to go with it but figured it would be too lengthy for readers to follow. lol

However she did write another tutorial with the kit (below)
(click on image for tutorial)

Layout by Angelrat

This delightful Layout was made by Angelrat from Aussie Scraps using my "Nightmare on Hallow's Eve" kit and is best appreciated at Full Size. Just click to view it in its entirety.
Thanks so much Linda.

Layouts by Mimi Creations

Cynthia from Mimi's Creations made these two Layouts featuring "Rainbow Bridge" and "Santa Paws". Thank you so much Cynthia.
You can download a blank version of these quickpages from her blog.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Witchy Woman by Dee

(click image for tutorial)

Dee, from our CT, has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Wrathchild" kit. Thanks so much, Dee....I love it!

Booful Spooks by Kaci

(click image for tutorial)

Kaci, from our CT, wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my "Boo-ful Spooks" kit. Thanks so much Kaci!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Halloween Pals by Crystal

(click image for tutorial)

This tutorial is absolutely adorable!! Crystal, from our CT, wrote it featuring my kit "Peek-a-Boo!". Thank you so much! I love it.

I also love the fact that this tutorial and the one posted immediately prior were both made with the same kit yet with completely differing results!

Peek a Boo by Cari

(click image for tutorial)

Cari from our CT, wrote this delightful tutorial with one my "Peek-a-Boo!" kit. Thank you so much's darling!

Friday, 1 October 2010

$1 Sale for RSPCA Awareness Week

1st till 8th October is RSPCA Awareness Week here in Australia, with Friday 8th being Happy Tails Day. In honour of this awesome cause I am having a special $1 Sale off ALL my animal-related products! That's right - everything with animals or related to animals is marked down to just $1 until 8th October!!

Available in all my stores!!

Dark Autumn and Bewitched NOW in Store


There are no teddy bears in this forest. It's a dark place for a Dark Autumn with spooky things afield and the only light from the glow of the Jack-o-Lanterns and the fire burning beneath the bubbling cauldron. An Autumnal Witch overseers the scene with the Grim Reaper looking on from his tombstone....whilst a ghost hovers in a nearby tree. No...there are no teddy bears in this forest. Just a dark DARK Autumn.

30 Papers
104 Elements

Personal Use Only

Click to view and download the Add-On from this kit on Gothic Inspirations Train


She's bewitching and bedazzling with an entourage of many that gather around her altar of fire. One look in her crystal ball and there are no secrets from her.And yet her dutiful followers remain true....for once you are under her spell there is no escape. You can run but you can't hide from Esmerelda - for if you try, Godfrey the Grim Reaper will come for you....and you will wish you had never set foot inside her world.

24 Papers
95 Elements

Personal Use Only

Click to view and download the Add-On from this kit on The Goodie Train

Available in stores NOW!

Fall-Ever Friends Kit NOW in Store


"Fall-Ever Friends" was my part the very special collab of the same name put together by me in conjunction with 24 other designers for a very special friend - Susan aka Tootypup Scraps. We did this for her to help her in the wake of losing her partner of 22 years with only her four-legged best friend Tootypup left for comfort. However sadly since then Tooty has gone to Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with the advanced stages of Pancreatic Cancer. So within 6 weeks Susan lost her partner and her best friend.

This kit is very special in the fact it has a bit of everything that Susan likes - Autumn things, fairies, flowers and most of all puppy dogs! And in this kit I specificially feature her Tooty (the black lab) and my Ciara (the black Staffie).

So if you like fantasy with a touch of autumn and the comfort of a puppy dog or two, you will love "Fall-Ever Friends"

24 Papers
125 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Two New Awareness Kits


This kit was a special request from a very special friend of mine who had was on the brink of death last year unless she had a liver transplant, which she finally had the day before my birthday. She told me earlier that day there was a chance the transplant may take place that day but they would have to run tests on the liver first. I told her no matter what time it is you text me and let me know the results. And sure enough...about 3am that morning she text me to say it was a go ahead. And life has been so much better for her since.

The road to recovery after a transplant is long, and as a result she has also ended up with an allergy to sulphur and also has a very rare skin condition called Steven-Johnsons Syndrome (they think there is a possibility the donor may have had it) but she doesn't care. She is alive and that's all that matters.

So this kit is for her - for Linda - a very special and courageous woman.

18 Papers
80 Elements

Personal Use Only

Click to view and download the Blog Train freebie Sampler of this kit


There are so many Awareness and Causes around today that some just blend into the background while the more well-known and highly publicised ones take the spotlight. And whilst they are each in their own right special and worthy of recognition so many go without...leaving many people asking "What's that?"

This kit is a cute and cuddly recognition of all the Thyroid Disease sufferers around the world, particularly Graves' Disease from which I suffer. I was diagnosed 10 years ago after a massive drop in weight which we had put down to stress of which were under a tremendous amount of at the time. So when I dropped 25 kg in just under 10 days stress was thought to be the cause. However after a noticing a large protrusion from my neck (like I had the mumps) I was referred to an endichronologist who took some bloods and diagnosed me with Graves' Disease.

Graves' is not a highly known condition however there is no cure. As the leading cause of hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid) one can only treat the ongoing symptoms and should one read about them you may well be surprised. It can be debilitating in the fact it can be very exhausting due to it being an auto-immune condition, though how it is aquired isn't entirely clear but it is thought to be linked with other childhood illness such as glandular fever (which I had as a child).

Anyway, I wanted to do something in recognition of this lesser known Cause and hope you find comfort in it calming colours and gorgeous elements.

15 Papers
93 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Happy Tailz Can Now Be Purchased Separately!

:: HAPPY TAILZ (Part 1) ::

Calling all animal lovers! This kit is for YOU!

This is my half of the MEGA collab kit by myself and Tootypup Scraps, made in honour of our furry friends last year.

Here in Australia, the first week of October is RSPCA Awareness week, with the Friday of that week "Happy Tails Day". A day set aside for our animal friends and to show our appreciation for them. Tootypup and I both have an aversion to animals, particularly doggies, and we threw everything in this kit that represents our love, adoration and appreciation for our furry friends. For both of us, our pets are our lifeline. They give so much more than we ever ask of them and ask of nothing but love in return. How mankind could learn a lot from them by taking a leaf out of their books - the world would be a much happier and loving place, I'm sure.

The RSPCA (Royal Society of Prevention and Cruelty to Animals) do so much to bring recognition and awareness to the plight of animals. This week and Happy Tails Day being one of them. Each May, Australia-wide, there is a Million Paws Walk where dog lovers gather together in a specified location in each state or other cities, and do a 3km walk together. There is always plenty to do and see at these events, for both dog and owner.

The RSPCA is only 2% funded by the government and any event or program they run helps fund the organistion, and ultimately, the animals in need of their, and our, attention.

So with every purchase of this MEGA kit you will be able to help the RSPCA too. Tootypup and I have decided to donate ALL the proceeds from our sales of this kit to the RSPCA, because they need our help to give our animal friends a voice.

So help us help them.

**This kit is also available as a collab where you can purchase both parts for one low price**

Available in stores NOW!

Falling for Elias Blog Train


It's time for the Gothic Inspirations Blog Train and this month our colours were inspired by one of Elias Chatzoudis' Halloween tubes...and such gorgeous colours they are! There are a ton of goodies available for you this month which we hope you will all enjoy...just don't forget to leave each of us a note of thanks if you download because we do so enjoy hearing from you. *s*
If you download mine, just leave me a comment at the bottom of this post (or I may not know which one you are referring

I took a slightly different direction in combining both Halloween and Autumn and coming up with "Dark Autumn" which is a PTU kit to released very shortly. My part consists of some Frames featuring elements from the kit. I hope you enjoy them.
I do apologise not having as good a contribution this month but I've had a rough time the last few some of our fans know my best bud Susan of Tootypup Scraps lost her partner just 7 weeks ago and then last week had to say goodbye to her bestest four-legged friend of 17 years. She is devastated and as a dog lover I remember the pain of losing such a devoted friend well, and I feel her pain too. So my mind hasn't been on designing and I apologise.

Anyway, to download my part, just click my preview above
Password: thanks

....and now to the rest of the train!


Sam, Jen & Jess with: 3 P's in a Pod Designs

Nita with: A.S.D. Graphics

Ann with: Addicted 2 Scraps

Jo with: A Taggers Scrap

Kelly with: Angels Designz

Annette with: AW Design

Diane with: Candys Treats

Jill with: Created By Jill Scraps

Stuart with: Creative Crazy Scraps

Muriel with: Creative-Disorder

Nikki with: Creative Intentionz

Crystal with: Crystal's Creations

Dani with: DarkMoon's Dream

Stina with: Designs By Stina YOU ARE HERE!

Wy with: Designs by LK

Sarah with: Designs By Sarah

Sharon with: Designs By Sharonb

Dianna with: Digicats (& Dogs)

Pia with: Digital Blue Print

Conchi with: DNScraps

Trish with: Dreamland Designs

Miriam with: Ellanoir Design

Foxy with: Foxys Designz

Vicki with: Gemini Creationz

Julie with: Glitter Girls

Jessica with: Gothic Inspirations

Brandi with: Grunge & Glitter

Hezalin with: HezaScraps & Tags

Laura with: Laura's Designz

Mystee with: Majik Of Mystee Designz

Victoria with: Maitri Scraps

Rose with: MincrisarDS

Edna with: Miss Edna

Sally with: Mythical Designs

NAC with: Naughty Angels Creations

Nette with: Nette's NightOwl Works

Justine with: PSP Addict

Kimberly with: Scrap Rebellion

Marie with: SkyScraps

Kara with: Sweet Cravings Scraps

Tiffany with: Sweet Southern Comfort

Tracy with: Tracy Did It

Tyger with: Tyger's Tidbits

Julie with: Whispy's D'zines

The Brat Pack Awareness Train


The Brat Pack has gone all aware this month with loads of freebies promoting various forms of Awareness. From some of the more known causes to some of the lesser recognised ones we have a bounty of goodies for you this month!

Train departs midnight around the globe, but as some of us are in different timezones please be aware that some parts may not yet be posted so please be sure to check back again shortly.

Don't forget to leave everyone a comment when snagging their freebies as we all work hard at bringing them to you a little love goes a long way. *s*
If you comment please do so in the comment below this post NOT in my ShoutBox or I don't know which post/freebie/kit you are referrring to. Thanks.

To download my part, which is a sampler of a PTU version to be released very shortly, just click my preview
Password: awareness

Now....onto the train!

Stina ::designs by stina:: YOU ARE HERE!!

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps

Cari: Black Widow Creationz

Crys: Sinfully Creative Scraps

Crystal: Crystal's Creations

Gina: KiKeKa Kits

Jessica: Gothic Inspirations

Mystee: Majik Of Mystee Designz

Nette: Nette's NightOwl Works

Nikki: Creative Intentionz

Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps

Rose: Mincrisar Department Store

Shani: Wicked Princess Scraps

Wy: Designs by LK

The Goodie Train is Bewitching!


It's that time again...when the Goodie Train departs our stations all over the globe to bring you lots of goodies and freebies! And this month we are "Bewitched"!
Journey with us as we ride the globe on a witchy express bringing you loads of halloween fun and bewitching delights....but remember, we are all in different timezones around the world so some parts may not yet be up. Just stop back again for their won't be sorry!

And if you would like a sneak peak preview of ALL the goodies available this month, head on over to The Official Goodie Train blog where you can see what each of us has to offer. In the meantime....enjoy the ride!!

If you comment please do so in the comment below this post NOT in my ShoutBox or I don't know which post/freebie/kit you are referrring to. Thanks.

To download my part, which is a sampler of a PTU version to be released very shortly, just click my preview above
Password: thanks

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