Thursday, 29 July 2010

Forever Yours by Aimee

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee is back from her "Honeycation" and has written this gorgeous tutorial using my latest kit "Eternally Yours (A Twilight Wedding)". I think all of us Fanpires are eagerly awaiting the release of "Breaking Dawn" next year (18 months to wait!!!) and the wedding for which we've all been awaiting. lol

Aimee has also created an extra awesome tag from the same kit! Thanks so much Aimee!!

Prima Donna by Dee plus Cluster Frame

Dee created this gorgeous tag using my "Daffodil Delights" kit and has shown the versatility of the kit that I didn't even recognise it! LOL Awesome work as always Dee - thank you.

She has also created a gorgeous freebie cluster frame which you can download from her blog.
Just click preview to go to it.

Bella's Transformation by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

AmyMarie wrote this tutorial using my "Before and After" kit. Thank you AmyMarie!

(click image for tutorial)

Amy also wrote this tutorial featuring the same kit! Thank you sweetie! Great work on both counts!

Musical Wave by Jen

(click image for tutorial)

Jen is a new member of our CT and she wrote this lovely tutorial featuring my "Before and After" kit. Thank you Jen!!

Team Edward by Dee

(click image for tutorial)

Dee wrote this gorgeous tutorial of my favourite vampire using my "Clair de Lune" kit. lol My very first Twilight kit! Thank you Dee - it is GORGEOUS!!

Purple Goth Tag by Amy Marie

Amy created this tag for me using Tootypup's "Spooky Hollow" kit, which was very kind of her since it wasn't my kit she didn't have to. *s*
With Halloween approaching in the next few months, this kit is available at all of Tooty's stores. I also have one very similar to this kit called "Come Out and Play". If you like one, you will like the other. *s*

Thursday, 22 July 2010

New PTU Kit "Eternally Yours"

:: ETERNALLY YOURS (A Twilight Wedding) ::

It's the event we've all been waiting for - and the one that has kept Edward waiting a century.

In the breaking dawn of a new era for them both, Edward and Bella finally marry in a gorgeous wedding that defies words, just as the eternal love they share does also. Bella didn't dream of anything extravagant or fancy but with Alice preparing the event how could it be anything but?! Say goodbye to Isabella Swan and hello to Bella Cullen as we celebrate the most romantic day of their lives....and existence.

This MEGA kit is HUGE filled with everything you need to help celebrate the Cullen nuptials.

The colours I chose for this palette are somewhat different. Using some illustrations made for the wedding for the Breaking Dawn movie, I chose my colours from the following:

1. Red and gold - the cake;
2. Magenta - the ceiling of the reception;
3. Blue and mauve - the sky in a fantasy illustration of the wedding;
4. Silver/mauve - Alice's bridesmaid dress.

30 Papers
180 Elements

Personal Use Only

© Posers by Medievil Creations
PLEASE READ enclosed zip file

Available in stores NOW!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Before and After Tag by Becky

Becky loved this kit as soon as I released it and purchased it to create this lovely tag! Thank you Becky! It's stunning!

Cinder Pink by Amy

(click image for tutorial)

Amy has be been busy! Not only is she on our CT but she also tuts for Scrappin Bratz, and here she has written this gorgeous tutorial using "Lindarella"!

And as an added bonus she also created an extra tag! Thank you Amy - I love them!

Without You by Julie

(click image for tutorial)

Julie from our CT has written this lovely tutorial using "Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)". Thank you Julie. Team Edward forever! lol

Taste the Rainbow Tags by Amy

(click image for tutorial)

Amy has been having fun with my "Taste the Rainbow" kit and has written these two tags. Thanks Amy! They are gorgeous! Nice and fruity!!

(click image for tutorial)

Monday, 19 July 2010

New PTU Kit "Before and After"


Reflective of Bella's life, and her choices, before and after transformation. From her faithful truck to the "after" car Edward would unveil for her; from dreams to reality; from who she should be to who she really is; from the complexities of her human life to the simplicities of immortality. Bella finds out who she is, not just in the arms of the man she loves, but in living in a world where she feels, and knows, she belongs.

The palette chosen is a reflection of her life.

Deep Red - blood and her deep love for Edward
Pink - her femininity
Pale Yellow - her mortal/earthy roots
Green - their meadow
Beige/Cream - her virtue and purity

25 Papers
108 Elements

Personal Use Only

New Exclusive Kit "Taste the Rainbow"


Delightful and delicious, the delectable tastes of summer fruits, maybe with a dollop of cream or ice cream, can be found in this yummy kit. You can almost taste the sweetness.

23 Papers
67 Elements

Personal Use Only


Two Happy Tailz Tuts by Amy

(click image for tutorial)

Amy is one of our newest members of the CT and is still new to writing tuts. And she has chosen my part of the "Happy Tailz" collab as her first with the team. Thank you, Amy, for these delightful offerings! Love our furry family. *s*

(click image for tutorial)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Roses Tutorial by Crystal

(click image for tutorial)

Crystal from our CT has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Bed of Roses" kit. It is divine, and I love it. Thank you Crystal!

Eclipse of the Heart Tutorial by Lyn

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn from Aussie Scraps has written this awesome tutorial using "Eclipse of the Heart (Jacob)". It is fantastic, even though I'm Team Edward...cause Jacob has fleas. LOL
Thanks Lyn! I love it.

Bunny Chocolicious Tag by Amy

Amy made this as part of a Layout/Tag Challenge for the CT members at Scrappin Bratz. She used my "Bunny Chocolicious" kit and featured pictures of her and a friend dying Easter Eggs.

I don't think I've ever dyed Easter Eggs. I don't think we even get into things quite as much as the US does. lol Maybe it is just the way I was brought up, we never did things like that. lol I guess in some way I've missed

Below is the second tag Amy made with the kit as well. I'm guessing this is her hubby? lol

Friday, 16 July 2010

Pamper Me Tutorial by Dee

(click image for tutorial)

This is Dee's first tutorial with our CT and she has done an awesome job with my "Lilies of the Valley" kit! She also incorporated the freebie Add-On into it as well.

And that's not all....she also created this gorgeous freebie cluster frame which you can pick up from her blog. Just click the preview to go straight to the post.

Lil Miss Mayhem Tags by Dawdy

Dawdy from Scrappin Bratz created these two tags from my "Lil Miss Mayhem" kit. They are awesome! Thanks so much, Dawdy!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Newborn Tags by Omneya

My recent release "Here Come the Newborns" is being used in forum this week for a challenge, and one of the girls, Omneya, has sent me her two tags she did for the challenge. The winner of the challenge will receive one of my PTU kits (of their choice) for free!
Thank you Omneya! I hope you enjoyed the kit.

Spirit Warrior Tutorial by Amy

(click image for tutorial)

Amy, aside from CT work, decided to buy my kit "The Third Wife" and tutted it. lol Thank you Amy!! Hope you enjoyed the kit.

Tutorials by Amy featuring "Flutterby Fae"

(click image for tutorial)

Amy from Scrappin Bratz wrote these two delightful tutorials featuring my "Flutterby Fae" kit. Thank you Amy...they are delightful!! I love blue.

(click image for tutorial)

Seasons in the Sun Tutorial by Marie

(click image for tutorial)

This is Marie's first tutorial with our CT, using "Seasons of the Sun". Thank you Marie!!

Tutorials by Deanna featuring "Wisteria Lane"

(click image for tutorial)

Deanna from Scrappin Bratz has written these two wonderful tutorials featuring "Wisteria Lane". Thank you Deanna!!

(click image for tutorial)

Tis the Season to be Snagging...

It's Christmas in July so it's time to celebrate!!
While we each swap seasons for Christmas and experience a taste of how the other half celebrates, the Brat Pack brings you these wonderful gifts of the "Jolly Season" to make it seem like Christmas all year. *s*

Now available for purchase exclusively at Aussie Scraps!

We hope you enjoy this month's Train. Don't forget to leave some love on each of the Designers' blogs you snag as we all love reading your comments. Happy snagging!!

Stina ::designs by stina:: YOU ARE HERE!!

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps

Cari: Black Widow Creationz

Amy: Amy's Scrap Place

Candy: Candys Treasures

Charlene: Memory Lane Creations

Crys: Sinfully Creative Scraps

Dilcia: Disyas Digitals Designs

Donna: Jessica's Sweet Nothings

Edna: Ahava Creative Ideas

Gina: KiKeKa Kits

Jess: Gothic Inspirations

Kara: Sweet Cravings Scraps

Kellie: KelliesKreations

Leigh: Heartfelt Perfections

Nette: Nette's NightOwl Works

Nikki: Creative Intentionz

Pam: Cafe Kitty Designs

Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps

Stef: Stef's Creations

Monday, 12 July 2010

Two Twilight Tuts from Maggie

(click image for tutorial)

Maggie, from Aussie Scraps, wrote this awesome tutorial featuring my "Here Come the Newborns" kit! Thanks Maggie - it totally rocks!

(click image for tutorial)

Maggie also wrote this tutorial with "Here Come the Newborns" as well. Awesome, Maggie - I love them both! Thank you!!

New PTU Kit "The Third Wife"


Quiluette legend talks of the Spirit Warriors who were Shapeshifters that would morph into wolves and protect them from "the Cold Ones". But a particular part of the legend tells of "the third wife" - she who sacrificed herself when their camp was being ravaged by the Cold Ones - long enough for the only remaining Spirit Warrior to destroy him.

And as she sits by the campfire listening to the tale told by Jacob's father Bella will find herself relating to the legend.

A very different Twilight kit. I hope you enjoy it.

25 Papers
112 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Unbreak Me Tag by Amy plus Tutorial

Amy, from Scrappin Bratz, made me this gorgeous tag (cause she knows I love frm a tutorial she wrote using a kit by Cazie's Designs. Thank you Amy!
You can find the tutorial by clicking on the tag.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Twilight Overlays in Store!


8 Twilight-inspired (Eclipse) overlays for your personal use kits
300 dpi
JPG format
Tagger size only (800 x 800)


4 Twilight-inspired overlays for your personal use kits
300 dpi
JPG format
Tagger size only (800 x 800)

Available in stores NOW

Eclipse of the Heart Tutorial by Jillan

(click image for tutorial)

Jillan, owner of Scrappin Bratz, has written this gorgeously delightful tutorial using my "Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)" kit. Although she is Team Jacob, she knows I am Team Edward all the way. LOL Thank you Jillan!! I love it!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

New PTU Kit "Here Come the Newborns"


There is a darkness settling over the city of Seattle and slowly making its way to Forks. Many unexplained disappearances and grisly deaths have taken place leaving authorities perplexed. But the Cullens know different. Victoria is back and she is recruiting innocent victims to become a vampire army against them. And for the first time ever the Cullens and Quiluettes join forces to fight the newborns - the most dangerous of vampires. With Jasper's knowledge and the added strength of the wolves, the Cullens and the wolves prepare for battle until Alice announces their come the newborns.

16 Papers
86 Elements

Personal Use Only

** While this kit was intended to remain a freebie, due to the cost of an element I had to purchase to replace a previous one (due to a mixup), I decided to make it a limited freebie during the week of the release of "Eclipse". Apologies for any inconvenience. **

Available in stores NOW

In the Meadow by Becky

Becky, from Scrappin Bratz, created this gorgeous tag using my "In the Meadow" kit! Thank you Becky...I love it!! Well done. You are coming along in leaps and bounds!

Two Tags by Dawdy

Dawdy, from Scrappin Bratz, has created these two lovely tags using my kit "Wisteria Lane". Thanks so much Dawdy - they are delightful!