Monday, 28 June 2010

Twilight ECLIPSE Sale!

(ad made using "Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)")

Sale on in ALL MY STORES!!
One week only - 28th June to 5th July

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More than I Deserve Tutorial by Kaci

(click image for tutorial)

Kaci, one of our talent CTs, has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)" kit. It seems everyone is getting into "Twilight" mode now with the release of "Eclipse" in just 2 more days. Woohoo!!
Thank you for this gorgeous tag, Kaci!!

More Eclipse Goodies from Becky!

Becky has done some wonderful tags and layouts with my kits this month at Scrappin' Bratz. These first three are all using "Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)", but this first one is my favourite! I love it!! Thank you Becky.

The following three tags and layout are made using "Eclipse of the Heart (Jacob)". I'm Team Edward myself, but Becky has done a wonderful job with the Jacob half. *g* Thank you again Becky!

The Great Outdoors Tutorial by Lyn aka Angel

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn aka Angel from Aussie Scraps has written this delightful tutorial using my kit "Goin' Bush". Thank you, Lyn, it is delightful!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Rainbow Bridge Tutorial by Shani

(click image for tutorial)

Shani from our CT wrote this darling tutorial featuring my part of the "Rainbow Bridge" collab I did with Tootypup, and featuring my gorgeous girl, Sheba, who crossed Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago in September.
Thank you Shani....a little teary seeing her gorgeous smiling face, but you done a fantastic job. Thank you.

Edward Tag by Becky!

Becky, my assigned CT in Scrappin Bratz for June has made this gorgeous tag using my "Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)" kit! I totally love it and I love David Desbois' work too and it looks fab on this tag! Thank you Becky!!
Only 9 days to go! WOOHOO!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

TWO New PTU Kits "Eclipse of the Heart"


"I promise to you love you; every single day of forever" - Edward Cullen

We've always known what Bella has always known in her heart, even when Edward left her in "New Moon" - that it will always be Edward and Bella. It's always been Edward. The love story between a mere mortal and an immortal vampire. Bella and Edward share something most of us can only dream about, or in this case, read about. A surreal connection between them that defies understanding. And while Jacob was there for Bella when Edward left, he is back and he is here to stay.

And now a new wave of vampires is washing over the city and making their way to Forks to destroy them and an alliance between two enemies is formed - the Cullens and the Quiluettes join forces to fight against the newborns - the strongest kind of vampires - and she who has come to destroy those who killed her mate. Victoria returns.

And now Edward must put his trust in Jacob to help protect Bella from Victoria - and the newborns.

From the Meadow to the mountains, relive the romance between Bella and Edward, including the famous tent scene and featuring Jacob. And fall in love all over again...

18 Papers
105 Elements

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please read enclosed ZIP file

Personal Use Only


"I will fight for you until your heart stops beating" - Jacob Black

With the eve of "Eclipse" fast approaching comes the dynamic release of "Eclipse of the Heart (Jacob)", featuring the rough outdoorsy-ish aspect and that of the wolf pack in the Saga. Jacob's love for Bella, including the famous tent scene.

Relive the moments we've read about and will see again on screen as Jacob fights for Bella.

18 Papers
92 Elements

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please read enclosed ZIP file

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW

Don't forget the Brat Pack blog train!

Just click my preview to download
Password: eclipse

New PTU Kit "The Great Aussie Outdoors"


A sister-kit to "Goin' Bush", "The Great Aussie Outdoors" is a tribute to my mum and her love for the outdoors and camping in some of Australia's remotest places. Packed with some of her favourite delights such as birds, kangaroos, koalas and the platypus, this kit also features some elements photographed by my parents on their treks and tubed by me. Featuring their 4wd and A'van (fondly regarded as the viagra van because it takes 2 minutes to get it up - and down again - LOL) and their kayaks.

If you love the outdoors, then you will LOVE this kit!!

35 Papers
130 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

New PTU Kit "Goin' Bush"

:: GOIN' BUSH ::

Summertime, springtime, time to be Goin' Bush. If you love camping and the great outdoors, then you will love this kit, filled with an abundance of camping delights. Enough to just make you want to pack up and go bush!

20 Papers
64 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Designer Call @ Scrappin Bratz

Wanna join a bunch of great gals in our Designing Team??

New Tags and Layout from Becky

Becky has created this wonderful layout using my "Stinarella" kit, with a downloadable Quickpage for you. Just click the preview to download.

She has also created these two gorgeous tags! Thank you Becky!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another Twilight Surprise - from Beth

Beth created this delightful tag using both mine and Tootypup's part of the Brat Pack Twilight blog train - "Eclipse of the Heart" . It is gorgeous and delightful and so deliciously Edward!! Thank you Beth!!!

A Twilight Surprise from Crys!

(click image for tutorial)

Crys, one of the girls in the Brat Pack, snagged my blog train freebie and wrote this gorgeous tutorial with it! Although I am Team Edward all the way, this is simply delightful!! Thank you Crys!

You can catch the train here:

Who's that Girl Tutorial and IM Stat by Mami

<>(click image for tutorial)

Mami has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring "Who's that Girl?". She has also created an IM stat, which is available to download by clicking on the preview.

Password: mami

Nightlife by Beth

(click image for tutorial)

Beth wrote this gorgeous little tutorial featuring one of my latest kits "Who's that Girl?" It is just so completely delightful! I love it! Thank you Beth.

A Little Twilight Surprise from Becky

Becky created a little "surprise" for me using my Twilight freebie "Eclipse of the Heart Add On" which I was delighted with!! Thank you Becky....totally Team Edward! lol

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Twilight Train Departs!


Yes it's here! Two weeks to the eve of the worldwide premiere of the long-awaited third installment in the Twilight Saga "Eclipse", comes the anticipated Twilight Train "Eclipse of the Heart" hosted by the Brat Pack.

There are tons of awesome delights awaiting you at each stop....and I'm sure you will not be disappointed!! Please, be sure to leave a little thank you note to each Designer, as we have all worked hard and we love reading your comments.

So are you ready??
Just click my preview to download
Password: eclipse

"Eclipse of the Heart (Edward)"
And "Eclipse of the Heart (Jacob)"

Monday, 14 June 2010

Prepare to board the Brat Pack Twilight Train...

Departing stations MIDNIGHT 15th June

More Goodies from BeckyW!

Becky has created this lovely layout using my "Madame Butterfly" kit, and featuring a delightful wedding photo of herself and her huby. *s*

She has also created a blank Quickpage Layout available for download by clicking on the preview (below).

As an added bonus, Becky also made two delightful tags with the same kit!!
Thank you Becky for all your hard work!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

New PTU Kit "Seasons in the Sun"


"We had joy we had fun
we had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song
like the seasons have all gone...."

For many summertime brings us many fond memories and for me it's like a memory from childhood - holidays to the beach, and sun, sand and surf. As you get older you find the seasons in your life change and the things you enjoyed in your youth somehow you either don't have time to do now or they have fallen on your list of priorities. But then that's how life is and with everything in life comes change.

This kit is reflective of the summers of my childhood as I can't remember now when the last time I went to the beach. lol I hope you enjoy the memories of my seasons in the sun.

15 Papers
67 Elements

Personal Use Only

© Cookie by Belle's Graphics
Available in stores NOW!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

$1 Sale @ Scrappin Bratz NOW!

(ad made using "Wisteria Lane"
with ©Medi's "Selene" cookie to match)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Who's that Girl Layout #2 by Me

While I was playing around with papers and elements from my kit "Who's that Girl" I couldn't decide which look I wanted to go with, so as you can see I made two. lol One depicting the movie in the first layout - complete with jailbars, handcuffs, blood spatter, cityskyline and Murray - and this one a slightly more sexy look. I have used Artplicit's gorgeous tube of Masuimi Max (above) and two more below featuring the work of Steve Baier.

I also have a freebie Layout Quickpage for you in 800x800 once again
Just click the preview to download
Password: thanks

Also below featuring the stunning work of Steve Baier

Who's that Girl Layout #1 by Me

So I decided to play around with my "Who's that Girl" kit and create another layout. Here I have showcased it using one of Medi's gorgeous Custom Posers made especially for this kit.

I have also provided a free Layout Quickpage for you in 800x800.
Just click preview to download
Password: thanks

Tag from BeckyW featuring "Who's that Girl?"

Becky W is my assigned CT this month in Scrappin Bratz and she has been busy creating for me. lol She couldn't wait to get her hands on my latest kit and this is what she threw together - and it is delightful! Thank you Becky!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New PTU Kit "Who's that Girl?"


Feisty and spunky Nikki Finn has just spent four years in jail for a crime she didn't commit, but they haven't dampened her spirits. She sets out to clear her name with the reluctant Louden Trott in tow on the eve of his wedding, who was to escort Nikki from prison to the bus station upon her release. Of course, Nikki had other ideas.

If you've seen the movie then this kit will bring back some memories and is sure to make you smile - maybe even sing the title track in your head. Even if you haven't this kit is still full of possibilities and delights.

So fall in love with the delightful Nikki, the majestic Murray and take pity on the hapless Louden.

30 Papers
143 Elements

Personal Use Only

© Custom Posers by Medievil Creations
Please read enclosed zip file

Available in Stores NOW!!

New "Funky Spring" Freebie!


Been a while since I gave freebie kit and I had this one as a part of a former store collab. Something a little different, this Mini Kit is "funky". lol I hope you enjoy it.

To download just click the preview
Password: thanks

Please don't forget to leave some love if you download - either here or in my ShoutBox. I love reading your comments. Thanks.

$2 Sale @ Aussie Scraps

All my products marked down to $2!!

New Layout by BeckyW!

BeckyW, from Scrappin Bratz, made this layout using my part of the "Happy Tailz" collab (with Tootypup Scraps). She has also made a freebie Quickpage. Thank you, Becky!!

Just click the preview below to download.