Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Designs by Stina Crazy April Fool's Sale!!

Available in all my stores.....but, hurry....

New Tutorial "Love Game" by Tina

(click image for tutorial)

Tina, from Just 4 Taggers, has written this gorgeous tutorial using my "Singing in the 80s" kit . As you can see she has used just the pinks from the kit, and it totally rocks!

She also made a matching stat which is delightful and I just had to share.
Thank you, Tina!

Some New Easter Tutorials from our CT!

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee has written this delightful tutorial featuring "Bunny Hoppit".
Thank you Aimee!

(click image for tutorial)

Stayysee, one of our CT, wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my "Bunny Chocolicious" kit. It's super scrumptious, she said she could eat the elements! LOL

(click image for tutorial)

Crystal has also written this lovely tutorial featuring the scrumptious "Bunny Chocolicious"!
Thank you girls for your awesome work!

Two New Tutorials

(click image for tutorial)

Maryclover, one of our CT, wrote this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "La Connexion Francais" kit, which is available exclusively to Twilight Scraps
(tutorial COMING SOON)

Trish, from Scrappin' Bratz, graced me with this delight using "Flutterby Fae". She is in the process of posting the tutorial. Thank you so much Trish!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Easter Sale @ Aussie Scraps!

Hop on over to Aussie Scraps this Easter weekend!

We are having a STOREWIDE 50% off Easter sale beginning Good Friday and ending Friday, 16th April.

Now's the time to stock up on those bargains!!!
Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Calling All Designers!

Please stop by our Blog for further details!! We'd love to have you!

Thank You All!

Just a note of thanks to my friends and fans out there for all your wonderful comments on my new blog. It was a big move but it's done now. Still have to fine tune some of the coding issues but here I am!! And after 18 hours straight working on this yesterday I had some much-needed sleep and ready to get back to designing! So keep your eyes peeled for more to come!
Thank you everyone.

New PTU Kit - "Easter's Promise"


Easter is the celebration of new life, and this kit is about that promise. Flowers for beauty; bunnies, chicks and lambs for innocence and purity; the dove for peace while the egg symbolises "new life" and the cross is for remembrance. A delightful Easter kit for your collection.

24 Papers
103 Elements

Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW!

New PTU Kit - "Singing in the 80s"

:: SINGING IN THE 80s ::

Do you remember the 80s? Fluro colours? Big hair? Leg warmers?

Flashback to a time before CD players and when music shops were called Record Shops, we left the decade that fashion forgot and jumped right into BIG, BRIGHT and BRASH in every way.

Named from a song that was big in 1980 here in Australia featuring twins Gayle and Gillian Blakeney wearing KISS make-up and lip-syncing the words "what will we be singing in the 80s?", this kit is a tribute to that memorable decade.

So take a ride in Bill & Ted's telephone booth and go back with me and relive the awesome 80s!

18 Papers
153 Elements

Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW!

New PTU Kit - "Bunny Chocolicious"

Do you like Easter?
Do you like Easter eggs?
Do you like chocolate?

If you answered any or all three of the above then this kit is for YOU! Filled to the brim and overflowing with chocolate delights "Bunny Chocolicious" is a delightfully yummy and mouth-watering kit specially designed to showcase your Easter tags and memories.

Special Advisory Content - super chocolicious!!

32 Papers
112 Elements

Personal Use Only
Available in stores NOW!

Some New Tutorials

(click image for tutorial)

Lori from Pawprint Designz wrote this awesome tutorial using my "Flutterby Fae" kit. The Barbara Jensen fae is just so fitting for this tag! Thank you Lori! I love it!

(click image for tutorial)

Also by Lori using my "Flutterby Fae" kit. Thank you, sweetie.

(click image for tutorial)

Beth, from our Creative Team, has written this innovative tutorial featuring my "Easter in Wonderland" kit. Thank you Beth!! Though I'm not sure the Queen belongs at the Tea Party...she would be beheading them all! LOL

(click image for tutorial)

This tutorial was written by Maira from Germany, using my two freebies "Easter Morn" and "Easter Blessings" frames. The tutorial is in German so you will need to translate.

Thank you Maira.

New PTU Kit - "Easter in Wonderland" plus FREEBIE!


Most people know the story of "Alice Adventures in Wonderland", unlike me who had never read the book or seen any movie on However I was inspired to create this "twist" on the tale and throw in something of a twist on Easter - for something completely different!

So I say and listened to the dramatised version of the book all afternoon and while I was putting these two previews together....and although strange, I still found it delightful! Love the Queen and LOVE the Cheshire Cat...he is one cool dude. lol

Off with their eggs!! LOL

Piano staircase, balloons in heart, diamond, club and spade shapes, twirls, perspective flooring and some of the frames, easter eggs and glitter created by me.

And a very very special and HUGE THANK YOU to Dani of Darkmoon's Dream for all her invaluable help with the awesome Wonderland posers she created for me for this. Thank you Dani! She has some wonderful posers in store - be sure to check her out at Scrappin' Bratz!

28 Papers
144 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

And since this kit was sooooo huge I had to split it and create a freebie Add On for you, my fans *g*. With 18 Papers and 43 Elements, this Add On is still large and together with the PTU kit with even more jam-packed into it, it will make for one huge mega kit of around 46 Papers and over 180 Elements!! I hope you enjoy the freebie.

Click on preview to download
Password: alice

New Exclusive Kit - "La Connexion Francais"


La Connexion Francaise is The French Connection, filled with teals, browns and cream. A glamourous homage to the vintage beauty and delightful romance that captures the heart within flowers, corsets, ribbons and roses that is La Connexion Francaise

28 Papers
115 Elements

Personal Use Only

** Exclusive to Twilight Scraps **

New Exclusive Kit - "A Spring Garden"


Picture this - a delightful garden filled with birds and butterflies, ladybugs and bees and roses and flowers galore! Where it is springtime forever...and little puppy dogs yip yipping at your feet. A spring garden filled with delights, and a fairy to make the wish come true.

24 papers
125 Elements

Personal Use Only

** Exclusive to Just 4 Taggers **

Tutorial - Rustle in the Wind by Carol

(click image for tutorial)

Carol, from Aussie Scraps, created something a little different with my "Flutterby Fae" kit. Thank you Carol - it is gorgeous!

Tutorial - "Easter Bunny Garden"

(click image for tutorial)

Maira wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my "Bunny Hoppit Add On", which is part of the Hoppit blog train for March. She was kind enough to send me her results. Thank you sweetie.
**This tutorial is in German, so you will need to use a translator**

A Sunrise Service by Helen

This new tag and IM stat is once again by Helen, from Shewolf's Domain, featuring my "Sunrise Service" kit. The photograph in the tag was taken by Helen herself at her own sunrise service last year. I thought it was lovely. Thank you Helen, for once again doing wonders with my kits.

You can download her IM stat by clicking the preview below
Password: helen

Once again, you may visit Helen at any of the following places:

If you would like to learn how to make stats like this Helen also has an Incredimail Learning Group

Hoppit into BNB for Freebies!

And here we Hoppit into another BNB Train with a delightful load of goodies! We hope you enjoy your journey, and please, don't forget to leave a note of thanks when you download. We love to hear from you. *s*

Now on with the train....

You can download my part here or by clicking the preview above
Password: hoppit

FREEBIE Time with the Brat Pack!

All aboard The Brat Pack Train as we bring you another fantabulous trainload of goodies!! This month it is Easter sit back and enjoy your journey.

Don't forget that each of the blogs are in different parts of the world, so their departure times may differ. Just continue on your journey and stop back to pick up their's again a little later.

Also, a little "thank you" is always nice. The designers work tirelessly to bring you these freebies and we always appreciate a kind word. *s*

Now onto the Train...choo-choo!!

You can download my part here, or by clicking my preview (above)

PTU Kit - "Sunrise Service"

"God's promises
Are rainbows in the night
Shining hope inside
When shadows cloud my eyes
His promises
Are rainbows in the night
Guiding through the darkest times
God's promises are rainbows in the night"

And as the sun rises early in the morning the promise of Easter is celebrated in the Sunrise Service...of a Cross, the blood and an empty tomb.

20 Papers
99 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

**Lyrics "God's Promises/Rainbows in the Night" by David Meece**

PTU Kit - "Bunny Hoppit"

Captured within the delightful garden comes "Bunny Hoppit", chock-full with Easter delights in celebration of New Life.

18 Papers
92 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW

Ladybird Love by Michelle

(click image for tutorial)

Michelle from Twilight Scraps has written this gorjuss tutorial featuring my "Ladybird Love" kit. I totally adore it! And the tube works so well with it! Thank you, Michelle!

Irish Blessings Tag and Freebie by Helen

Helen, from SheWolf's Domain, has created yet another delight featuring my "Irish Blessings" kit! I love seeing what she creates with my kits! Thank you Helen!
She has also created an IM stat for those who use Incredimail
Just click preview to download
Password: helen

Once again, you may visit Helen at any of the following places:

If you would like to learn how to make stats like this Helen also has an Incredimail Learning Group

Fairytale Dreams by Beth

(click image for tutorial)

Beth, one of our Pups, created this unique and delightful tutorial featuring my very popular "Flutterby Fae" kit. I think it is so innovative and different!! Thank you Beth!

PTU Kit - "Celtic Violin" plus FREEBIE!

Adorned with rich tones of dark and striking colours, this kit emanates the Celtic mystique and Gaelic beauty - and the magical sounds of its violin. With a touch of fantasy, mystery and a little gothique, "Celtic Violin" brings the strains of riverdance to life.

25 Papers
115 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW

And I also have a little freebie for you, made up of 10 Papers and 32 Elements.
Just click the preview to download
Password: celtic

PTU Kit - "Easter Blessings" plus FREEBIES!

May the glory and the promise
of this joyous time of year
Bring peace and happiness to you
and those you hold most dear
And may Christ, Our Risen Saviour,

always be there by your side
To bless you most abundantly
and be your loving guide.

A touch of the traditional and true meaning of Easter and filled with all the delights of Easter "Easter Blessings" is a celebration of the gift of new life.

104 Elements
20 Papers
Personal Use only

Available in stores NOW

And of course I have a little freebie for you all - not one but TWO! I have made some cluster frames and so has Sam from Sam's Scraps.

To download them, just click the previews.

Two of my Frames are in PSP and PSD format in layers if you wish to turn the "Sunlight" layer on or off, reduce or increase opacity.

Password: blessings
Clusters by Sam's Scraps
Password: samiam

Flutterby Fairies by Rose

(click image for tutorial)

Rose, one of our CT girls, has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Flutterby Fae" kit. I love all the little fairies! Thank you Rose!

Flutterby Fae by Shal

(click image for tutorial)

Shal, from Just 4 Taggers, created and wrote this delightful tutorial using my every popular "Flutterby Fae" kit. As always, I love seeing what people come with using my kits but it was a refreshing change to see something different made with this one! Thank you, Shal! I love it.

Another Irish Babe by Kaci

(click image for tutorial)

Kaci, one of our "Pups", has written this lovely tut using my kit "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". Thank you, Kaci.

PTU Kit - "Irish Blessings" plus FREEBIE!

“May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

A delightful kit in honour of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, filled with blessings of love, friendship and good fortune...and a little Irish fairy to help spread good luck and cheer.

The rainbow was made by me using the colours of the palette, and the flag pole and St Patricks flag were also made by me.

24 Papers
93 Elements
and lots of Irish luck! lol

Personal Use Only

Available in store and currently ON SALE!

And why not stop over to my blog and pick up the freebie Add On to this kit?
It has 12 Papers and 28 Elements

Just click on the preview to download
Password: blessings

Ladybird Love by Mami

(click image for tutorial)

Mami from our Creative Team has delighted me with this gorgeous tutorial and IM letter using my kit "Ladybird Love". As with all of Mami's tutorials, it can be translated.Thank you Mami!!
You can download the IM letter by clicking the preview.Password: mami

Julie Believes in Fairies

(click image for tutorial)

Julie from our Creative Team has written a lovely tutorial featuring my "Flutterby Fae" kit. This kit is proving very popular - both in the CTs and in the stores! Which is good because it is one of my favourites as well. I love the
Thank you Julie for another wonderful creation!